Distiller and cellar-master, Joe Corley inspects some brandy in a glass.
Tanks, tubing and scaffolding of Alambic's brandy still

on a hand-operated antique cognac still at ALAMBIC INC’S distillery, operating in Mendocino County since 1982.

ALAMBIC has been distilling world-class brandy for sale in winery tasting rooms, for dosage, and for port fortification for 30 years.

Clos de la Tech, Roederer Estate, J Winery, Rombauer, and The White House are among our custom project clients.

Many oak casks (neatly stacked high) full of aging brandy in Alambic's cellar.
Barrel of Germain Robin with a brass plate on the side that has the words 'White House' engraved on it.

“No cognac is as good” – Dan Berger LA Times

SELECT BARREL XO “world’s Best Liquor”– ROBB REPORT magazine.

Single-barrel Pinot Noir “perfect brandy”– Paul Pacult, Spirit Journal. ANNO DOMINI

One of “Five Cognacs of the Century”– Richard Carleton Hacker.


  • Under CABC regulations Sec. 23358, your tasting room can sell brandy labeled under your brand name.
  • Craft spirits are the industry’s hottest category.
  • Wineries experience custom brandy as an add-on sale that doesn’t compete with their wines.

How it works:

Consult with us:
Jennifer Allen at or

We’ll hand-distill brandy from your wine, age it in our cellars, then finish and bottle it.

Dosage and fortification distillate can be from your wine or ours.

How long does it take? For brandy, normally 3 years, but you have the option to age it longer. For grappa, 6 months, for dosage or fortification material, right away.

What do I get? Genuinely superb brandy (or grappa) distilled and aged at the USA’s first (1982) serious craft distillery.

Why a cognac still? World-class brandy – clean, intense, with subtle flavors, complexity, finesse, beautiful long finish.

Who are you? Ansley Coale, co-founder of Germain-Robin and President of Craft Distillers. Joe Corley, distiller and cellar-master since 1998.